The ICO sector is a complex realm of unprecedented factors which weigh in while you exhibit your brilliant idea before the world. That’s why ICO Flock are here to make things easy for you and help you every step of the way.

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PR Services

If they are not talking about you, you are doing something wrong. Fortunately for you, we know the right people in the right places. Prestigious editors, bloggers and people who get heard in the market. So let us get the word out about your ICO and watch as the world sits up and takes notice of you.

Token Listing and Reviews

A badly marketed product is a product wasted. We ensure that your product launch reaches the right investors by listing your ICO token on popular and relevant listing websites. Our analysts provide you with detailed reviews of your ICO and how it is faring in the market, thereby equipping you with valuable insights about the market.

Community Managment

The more your venture grows, the bigger your presence in the community gets. This presence needs to be maintained and regulated in the right way so as to construct and establish a positive image of your company. We offer our services for community management on Telegram, Bitcointalk, Bounty etc.

E- Mail Marketing

The world might be wrapped up in social media frenzy but nothing is quite as effective as the good old email, to make someone aware of your products. We take care of just that, by drafting and dispatching informative emails about your venture to crypto investors and activists. Our mailing list is a judicious balance of experienced and enthusiastic people in the market.

Influencer Marketing

Influence is a powerful tool to leverage, if channelized in the right ways. We ensure that influential people in the market are talking about you and grabbing the right eyeballs, in this case, potential customers. Let us bring the business to your doorstep.



The age of digital marketing is upon us and with each passing day, every business is trying to make its presence felt in the market. With ICO marketing, it is a similar campaign to try to get your currency out to as many people as you can. Just having a currency is never enough, the real challenge is to convince investors, why your currency is the one they should invest in. With the kind of end-to-end services we provide, we guarantee to market your project in a unique manner which makes you stand out in the crowd of ICOs in your sector. Our aim is to help you achieve an all-round holistic growth with mutual exchange of resources.


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Frequently Asked Questions


The term ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering which is an innovative method to crowdfund any new product that you wish to launch. It’s a barter of sorts where you start an ICO sale in which you offer some ‘tokens’ or coins of your product in exchange of crypto funds from the investors. So if you have a product or an idea that needs funding, an ICO helps you generate funds from potential investors and in turn allow you to turn it into a hot commodity.

A token or a coin is a digital money unit issued during an ICO. Investors purchase certain bits of these tokens in exchange of cryptocurrency, thereby profiting the ICO holders and hoping it would profit them in the long run. Each ICO issues a token/coin which is a digital manifestation of product and which when launched in the market and traded, could bring profits to both investors and the company that issues the tokens.

The tokens or coins that you generate need to be traded on some sort of a platform. An exchange is that platform where digital money or tokens can be sold or purchased for another cryptographic money or token at current cost. Some trades even permit the use of fiat cash in purchasing or offering digital currencies.

All of the effort that goes behind your product development only bears fruit when more people are aware of it. A good PR strategy could make you a influential name in the industry and it aims to complement and supplement direct marketing and advertising efforts. A good website rank on Google, which a good PR strategist could get, would make your business more visible and relevant in the market.

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